Does your horse suffer from travel sickness, lethargy or poor performance?  If you own a horse you need to read this.

“This is a very simple and effective solution to a serious horse welfare issue” GH Walter – leading Australian race horse trainer – Warwick Farm

AHF combines European design with technology that gives your horse the best chance possible of achieving their best performance. Don’t just take our word for it — view our patents and research studies and ask the experts what they think.

Our floats are manufactured from polymers just like water tanks. They don’t rust or rattle and have a durability unlike traditional steel or aluminum floats. The interiors are fitted out impeccably, with standard features like feed rails and barn door. The most important element of AHF floats is the exhausts system. A patented proven and heavily researched exhaust attachment (the EFD) ensures your horse travels without the intrusion of potentially deadly carbon monoxides which are normally carried inside a horse float. See our research and patents page for further information.

“Experiments have shown exhaust fumes levels are up to 10 times higher within a trailer than in normal roadside air” John Crowley – Vet